Chicago Marathon Expo Recap

Although it was a holiday, I was eager to see the marathon expo at McCormick Place downtown.  This is the biggest race I have ever run (45,000 people), and I knew the expo would be HUGE and exciting.  If the Nike Own Chicago video didn’t pump you up for the race, the expo certainly will.  I was excited with my mom said she would drive me down on Saturday afternoon.  On the way down, I tried to snap pictures of the Bank of America building, but I only got half the athletes and some blurry kids.

IMG_5841   IMG_5840


We parked at McCormick and followed the Pace Team to the expo.

IMG_5842   IMG_5843


The place was alive with athletes and their families! 


IMG_5846   IMG_5847

IMG_5849   IMG_5852


My mom and I were super psyched!  I couldn’t believe how many people were at the expo.  We grabbed my packet and then hit the large expo room for samples and shopping.

IMG_5855   IMG_5857


IMG_5856   IMG_5859


But first, we picked up my packet and official marathon gear.  I must say I was slightly bummed with the white Tshirt, but I made up for it at the massive Nike shop with two adorable long sleeve tops (pictures to come).



We also swung by the St. Jude Heroes booth, where we picked up some signs and this fabulous sticker that I have been wanting since February!



My mom found some amazing shoes at the Brooke’s display that she just HAD to have.  She told the guy…’you had me at patent leather’.  Tell me these aren’t FABULOUS shoes?!  She threw her old ones in the box and modeled her new shoes around the expo.  I was tempted to get a pair myself, but I am hoping to do a gait analysis before I buy new running shoes.

IMG_5862   IMG_5863

IMG_5864 IMG_5866 IMG_5867


All in all, the expo was pretty incredible, and my mom and I had so much fun chatting with people and playing at all the booths.  We even found my name on the Nike wall.  And my brothers, which is funny because he isn’t running the race…it’s a common name!

IMG_5861   IMG_5868

IMG_5874   IMG_5873



My mom was looking for a larger map (she was having trouble with the tiny one that I found online), so I asked if I could take this one with me. LOL!



We left the expo with bags of loot, my tracking chip, and of course my Mom’s new shoes.

IMG_5881   IMG_5882


After dinner (which was pasta, some tuna, kugal, and a few other carbs), we headed home early to pack up, braid my hair, and my mom made some colorful signs so I would be able to find the family during the race.

IMG_5884   IMG_5891


It was such an exhilarating (and exhausting) day.  I was just hoping that I would be able to fall asleep before my 4:45AM wake up call (from my mom since I have been crashing at the P’s since Thursday).  I was pumped for the race, but starting to get nervous. 

Coming tomorrow…full details as I attempt to OWN CHICAGO (and all 27 neighborhoods) during my first marathon!

4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Expo Recap

  1. I am so proud to be the mom of a marathoner…. !!! and it really was so much fun to be with all the incredible athletes… many with iron man tattoos on the back of their legs… inspirational and catchy..

    hmm, run next year?

    • Thank you! I am so happy to have today off to just relax. It is the first time in months that I am not training for something (although I’m sure that won’t last long!). Just posted the race recap. It was fun to write and relive the day!

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