Making Whoopie

I am not sure why this one is so exhausted…it’s not like she ran 20 miles this morning!!!




As I have been hinting in the past few posts, I have taken one of my favorite flavors, pumpkin, and turned it into a wonderful dessert using my brand new Whoopie Pie pan. Since I knew I would be tired from the run, I started the process last weekend, making the pumpkin cakes. Today, it was time to make the filling and put everything together for a celebration with friends this evening. I was inspired by the change in seasons and of course my Whoopie Pies Book. This fanstastically fun book has a whole bunch of tasty cakes and creative fillings that you can mix and match.  They even have a bacon-flavored filling!  I borrowed my post title from one of the chapters in the book.IMG_5211


On Monday, I made the two cakes.  I thought using my new pan (found on clearance at Sur La Table) would be fun and time efficient.  I froze the cakes in an airtight container for the week and pulled them out to thaw this morning.




After a quick nap this afternoon, I got to work on the cream cheese frosting.  There are only four simple ingredients needed to make this filling.  I started with cream cheese and butter at room temperature and then added in powdered sugar and vanilla extract.  The result…a thick and rich cream cheese flavored frosting that pairs perfectly with pumpkin.



My only question was how to transport the dessert.  I thought about putting it together at my destination, but instead decided to put everything together on a serving plate and cover it with Press and Seal.  I spread my cream cheese in between the cakes making a large Whoopie Pie.  I was a little nervous about the cakes falling apart, but they were easy to handle, most likely because they were frozen.  I sprinkled pumpkin pie seasoning over the top.




The Whoopie Pie looked so delicious, it took all of my will power not to cut myself a sliver right away.  You know I was thinking about this spunky dessert throughout my entire run this morning.  I even discussed it with my new friend as we shared our love of pumpkin and pumpkin desserts.  The Whoopie Pie was a HUGE success at the party even though most people had never heard of one.  I will have to brush up on my Whoopie Pie history and facts (all found in the book) before my next party.  It was definitely a topic of conversation!  We cut it like a pie and it tasted amazing on this chilly night.







2 thoughts on “Making Whoopie

    • Thank you for your comment! The big whoopie pie pan is the best when you are short on time AND it makes awesome cookie cakes too. The best part is I think I paid 2$ for it : )

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