Recipes and Running

I was all prepared to have this post up for you last night, but my computer refused to cooperate and I got super frustrated and ended up just going upstairs to bed.  Lucky for me, the BOY knows a thing or two about computers and was able to diagnose my problem and help me out.



Take a look at what arrived in the mail this week!  It is my Heroes jersey for the marathon.  This makes everything seem so real!  As I announced when I signed up for the marathon in February, I am running the Chicago marathon to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and honor the children who inspire me each day.  Although I am slightly behind in my fundraising efforts, I am always thinking about the kids, especially during those long runs. I know that any discomfort I may feel doesn’t compare to the battle the kids at St. Jude fight every day.


It’s thoughts like these that motivate me to get out of my warm cozy bed on the first chilly morning of fall to run 10 miles.  In preparation for my longest training run (the 20 miler this Saturday), I was scheduled to do a 10 mile mid-week run yesterday although I don’t typically run more than 6 miles during the week before work.  I also find it funny that the distances that used to be my races (9, 10, 13 miles) have become my training runs.  I bundled up in long pants, a long sleeve t-shirt, and dug out my (St. Jude) ear warmer to hit the path at 6:30AM for my run.  I started off pretty stiff thanks to the chill, but finally got my rhythm going by mile 6, which is actually okay when you are doing 10 miles. 




I finished strong in 1:24:20 with just enough time to shower, eat a second breakfast, and head off to work.  I told myself I would foam roll at work, but of course I got busy and never got around to it.  By the end of the day, I was beat…so wiped out that I almost fell asleep standing up.  Frustrated with my computer, I crashed into bed before 9:00PM last night.


On an exciting note, I have been working hard on putting together a RECIPE PAGE so you can easily access some of my favorite recipes.  It is finally finished.  I hope that you find some inspiration in the kitchen this week!

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