Chocolate Chunk Bread

Looking for a delicious breakfast option for your day off today?


I discovered this Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Bread on Jessica’s blog.  Doesn’t it it look amazing???  You will be thrilled when your house smells sweet and you are enjoying this warm bread for breakfast.  The best thing is that you will have most of the ingredients already in your house…except for maybe buttermilk which you can make with some plain milk and vinegar.


First step is combining the dry ingredients.  I bought this HUGE bag of oatmeal at Costco…the price is great, and I go through oats so quickly between oatmeal, baking, and smoothies.  But, this is only half of the Costco oats, I split it with my mom.  Now I just have to figure out where to store it.




I actually remembered to pull out my butter before heading to yoga in the morning so I had softened butter ready to go



I used my mixer to cream the butter, eggs, and vanilla.  My mixture was looking a little off.  Upon closer inspection of the recipe, I realized that I forgot to add in the brown sugar.  Opps!



That looks much better…when it comes to sugar…better late than never!



I blame Emmy the cat, who was distracting me as she tried to climb into a bag of whiffle golf balls and then proceeded to eat the ribbon on the gift for the wedding we were attending last night. 




I hid the gift in the closet, and she proceeded to try to dig herself a tunnel under the door.



Back on track, I was able to combine my dry ingredients and the buttermilk into the butter mixture.





Instead of mixing, I stirred in the second half of the dry mixture to avoid over-mixing.  I have a GINORMO bag of chocolate chips and some of them ended up stuck together.  I was able to break the block apart creating chocolate chunks (and some small chocolate flecks) into the bread.






I stuck the bread in the oven and baked it for 35 minutes.  My house smells amazing!  This is going to be a beautiful housewarming gift for today’s Labor Day BBQ.





If your mouth is watering, and why wouldn’t it be, check out the full recipe HERE!





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