Getting Back to the Food

Summer tends to be a natural time when I do less cooking and baking in the kitchen.  I rely more on the seasonal flavors of fresh produce and the BOY steps in as grill master creating delicious dinners outdoors.  This is fabulous on those steamy summer nights when the idea of turning on the oven causes you to sweat even more.  On top of this, summer weekends are filled with fun trips to Wisconsin, long runs and races, and get togethers with friends leaving me less time for meal prep and cooking at home. 


This is just another reason why I LOVE fall.  I get excited to dive back into the kitchen making warm chili’s in my crockpot and fresh breads in the oven.  Fall is the perfect time to whip up a homemade soup and enjoy it on the couch with a football game.


I initially started this blog to share my recipes and improve my cooking techniques.  Naturally, it has expanded as I have enjoyed sharing the challenges of race training and my exciting travels with you as well.  As my favorite season approaches, you will see me getting back into the kitchen (and sharing my new recipes with you). I am also hoping to get more confident modifying and creating my own recipes.


Back to the food…

Here are some suggestions for the holiday weekend.  Many of the recipes require little to no baking.  They are quick and perfect for the end of summer as we transition into fall.  Happy Labor Day!



Fruit Salsa



Grilled Feta



Black Bean Dip




Kale Chips


Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad



Iced Tea



HG Sangria



Sunny White Sangria



Grilled Maple Peaches and Plums



Oreo Trifle


Caramel Bars


Looking to bring your host or hostess a housewarming gift?

Check out these adorable Cookie Jar Mixes at the Punk Rock kitchen!

(Her decorations are so creative)



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