Does this Belt Make my Butt look big?


With a 10 mile run planned for today, I was ready to take my new race belt for a test drive.  I have never used a race belt before and I can’t stand holding something while I run.  I figured as I was increasing my mileage, I would need some water on the trail.  There are no water fountains along the 9 mile forest preserve path, but luckily there are port-a-potties.  You know you’re a true runner when you feel lucky to have port-a-potties : )


I have been running the forest preserve path by the BOY’s house since before I even moved in, but I have never ran around the whole circular path.  I have run in both directions (usually an out and back) and I have biked around the path plenty of times.  This morning, I set out with my new belt to run around the whole path.  About 10 steps off of the driveway, my belt was bouncing and feeling heavy on my back.  I stopped to make adjustments and the BOY found me struggling with my belt in the middle of the street.  He mentioned that the ice might not have been a good idea because of the weight.  Eventually I figured out how to move the belt further up on my back (hence the lumbar support) and tightened the belt.  It took about 3 miles to get my stride, but by then I forgot all about the belt and used the swooshing sound in the water bottles as background noise.  I was so excited to try my belt that I forgot my to grab my ipod. 


As the weather got warmer, I was definitely happy to have some water and my new hydration of choice, coconut water.  In an attempt to decrease my processed sugars, I am moving away from Gatorade and G2.  After a few trials, I finally found a coconut water that I like the taste of (the limon is better than the cherry crush).  There are tons of flavors, but unfortunately it is tough to find.  I completed my 10 mile run (the new longest run of the season) in ~90 minutes.  My legs were sore and tired…especially during the last few miles.  After my run, I finished off with a 10 minute cool down  through the neighborhood just in time to kiss the BOY goodbye before his first day of school.  Although I loved my pedicure on Friday, I got my first marathon blister this morning!


I am thrilled that I am back to my fall schedule with Mondays off!  I love having a day at the beginning of the week to get caught up around the house and of course play in the kitchen.  Summer is so busy and we spend so much time grilling that I don’t do as much baking and cooking. 


I started by making one of my favorite summer time breads, Zucchini Pineapple Bread.  It is a Cooking Light recipe that I discovered a few summers ago.  I made it so often that summer, that I almost memorized the recipe.  The first step is shredding zucchini.



I used a mixture of half whole wheat and half white flour today, something I have never tried before.



I also decreased the amount of sugar by ~1/2 cup in the wet mixture.



I combined the wet with the dry, stirring just until combined.



And folded in the crushed pineapple (I probably should have drained it a little more).



The recipe makes two loaves (the second one is perfect for freezing).  I made one big and two little loaves today.




It seems like an odd combination, but I promise this bread is AMAZING! You can find the Cooking Light recipe HERE.



Since I didn’t make it to the Whole Foods today, I was in need of some peanut butter.  I have made a few different almond butter recipes lately, but I have never made peanut butter.  When I saw these recipes posted on Lauren’s blog, I was just waiting for a chance to try them.  I pulled out my food processor and poured myself a glass of wine.


And sliced up an apple for taste tests.


I used a bag of roasted and unsalted peanuts from Trader Joe’s.  Within a few minutes, I had a smooth basic peanut butter, no oil needed.  I followed each recipe below to create two tasty peanut butters.




Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter






White Chocolate Peanut Butter






There was a lot of cleaning up to do in the kitchen this evening, but it was totally worth it.  This White Chocolate PB is unbelievable!  I can’t wait to try the dark chocolate version and I have been thinking about creating my own mint chocolate chip almond or peanut butter recipe.  Sweet Dreams!

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