Sunday in the City

I woke up this morning feeling sore and sleepy.  I blame these past two days of strength training and hot yoga.  I knew that I needed to get in a run after yesterday’s rain delay even though I wasn’t 100% in the mood.  I ate a pre-run brekkie of a dough boy smoothie and an egg, laced up my shoes, and hit the path.



I accidently used too much cinnamon in my oats last night, so I added some Chai flavoring in the smoothie and sprinkled some over the top.  It turned out delish!  I headed out for a steady 8 mile run…my longest run of the season.  I was able to maintain ~9 minute miles and finished in just under 71 minutes.  I came home and spent some quality time with my foam roller working out my calves, hamstrings, and of course my ITB.  Then devoured my favorite post-run snack, Greek yogurt, blueberries, cereal, and a drizzle of agave.


The BOY was off to the library for the second day in a row getting ready for his first day of school tomorrow.  So I headed into the city for some quality time with my family.  We went down to my brother’s condo.  His girlfriend and I share the same birthday.  They are out of town next weekend so we exchanged presents today.  My brother got me this training belt which I will put to good use over the next few weeks.


His girlfriend got me this adorable picnic basket filled with goodies…a cheese plate and knife and a a fun summer white wine.

Thanks guys!!!  You know me so well!



I was thinking that this might be another use for my training belt post marathon…at least for my next bar crawl (or perhaps for my 30th birthday celebration next weekend).  The beer on the left is my brother’s homemade Tripel.  It’s REAL good!


IMG_4367 IMG_4366

We walked over to Wishbone for lunch/brunch.  This eclectic café puts a southern spin on breakfast.  We all ordered something different and everyone loved their meal. 






After lunch, we walked around Lakeview admiring the cheeses and wines at the Whole Foods and stopping by the little boutiques along Southport.  I have been craving frozen yogurt and so we looked up a place in the neighborhood.  The boys headed back to the condo and the three of us girls walked about a mile to Forever Yogurt.  I had never heard of this place before, but it is one of those up and coming popular self-serve yogurt places with tons of no-added sugar, probiotic, all natural frozen yogurt flavors that you buy by the ounce. 



Immediately, I loved the overdone Chicago theme.  We were given little cups to try the flavors.  Check out all of the options on this MENU!

IMG_4382     IMG_4381

I was in frozen yogurt heaven and could have spent all day trying the unique variety of flavors.  The original tart was delicious!  It was tangy almost like a Greek frozen yogurt.   We happily filled up our over sized cups.IMG_4376IMG_4378


I went with an original, red velvet, cake batter combo.  Can you believe all of these toppings?!  They had fresh fruit, candies, cereals, cookies and brownies to choose from.  Sadly, there were no samples here!



Can you name these childhood cereal favorites?


We weighed and paid for our yogurt.  It was super refreshing and totally hit the spot.  It’s a good thing I don’t live in the neighborhood or I think they would know me.  We walked home chatting, eating, and window shopping as we enjoyed this beautiful summer day.



After a lovely day downtown, the P’s and I drove back to the suburbs and I headed home. The BOY and I grilled up some pork chops and fresh veggies from the CSA for dinner. I swear those were the best green (and yellow) beans I’ve ever eaten!  And then we relaxed on the coach with a movie (The Lincoln Lawyer).




Look who also liked my birthday present! I had to hide it before she turned it into her new bed!

One thought on “Sunday in the City

  1. Emmy is so cute in your basket, she is something else…

    I had no dinner… full full full from all the yummy foods of the day…

    Days in the city and meals at Wishbone… I say REPEAT

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