Date night

Last night, the BOY and I headed down to Naperville to take the Date Night cooking class at Sur La Table (which I just learned is pronounced ‘tab’).  Since we were headed to Naperville, I figured a trip to Lululemon was in order…especially since I had a gift card.


I really wanted to find a good tank top for hot yoga.  Of course, I found lots of things that I wanted!  I ended up buying a yoga tank and a running tank (the backs of both are super cute!).  I will be back for the shorts, socks, headband, etc. that I also LOVED.

Silver Bullet


Dash II



We had some time to kill, so we stopped by a little bar/restaurant for a glass of wine before the class.


And then we headed across the street to Sur La Table for our class. I haven’t been to downtown Naperville in awhile and I had forgotten how cute it was.  The downtown was packed with kids and adults enjoying the last few days of summer.  There were tons of restaurants with outdoor seating and music and it was the perfect evening to be out.



The Naperville store is the only location in Illinois where you can take classes.  The classroom is decked out with Sur La Table goodies and I was so excited to begin.  I even loved my Morimoto knife!


The class was packed and we were all responsible for different parts of the meal. Ironically, our group was in charge of the red meat, which of course made the BOY very happy!  Check out the BOY dressed up and ready to go!


Renee, in the red top, was our chef.  She was funny and full of great tips and advice.  I learned how to hold a knife and how to chop an onion (very different than what I’ve been doing).  She also answered some of the BOY’s meat-related questions.

IMG_4298  IMG_4304


We were working too hard for me to take pictures of the filet.  We sliced it and then tied strings around each piece to maintain the shape.  We also prepared a butter using shallots and basil to go on top of the meat.  With a quick break from meat prep, I had some time to snap some photos of the other ‘teams’ work.


After the meat, shrimp, potato salad, onion rings, and dessert were mostly finished, we had some downtown to shop the store.  Hooray 10% discount!


Finally it was time to eat our prepared dinner.  Everything was plated beautifully (as only Sur La Table can do) and we all stood around the big table eating and chatting.  I tried everything, even the meat, which was tender and tasty…especially with the panko fried onion rings.  The potato salad was made with Renee’s homemade mayonnaise and sweet corn. I don’t usually care of mayo, but I found the potato salad to be quite tasty.  We finished the meal with dessert which was great…who doesn’t love a cookie crumb crust!


IMG_4305  IMG_4306


The 2 hour class was super fun and the BOY and I enjoyed our date night of cooking, eating, and talking.  The main thing I learned from the course was how much more I have to learn.  It would be great to take some other basic classes to help build my skills in the kitchen.  And of course, I added to my list of items I’d love to buy!


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