Where did July Go?

Is it me, or is summer flying by WAY too fast?!  Even though it’s not officially August until tomorrow, I’m doing my goal ‘check-in’ today.  I know once the work week starts there will be no time for self-reflection and even less for blogging.


July Goals Round Up:

1.Meditate more-with all of our travel this month, it has been hard to get to a yoga class. I did make time for mindful breathing, but need to continue to add quiet time each week.

2. Finish Sprint Tri-DONE!  See full post HERE and HERE!  Completed the TREK Women’s Tri and LOVED it!

3. Continue to decrease consumption of HFCS, artificial sweeteners, and soda-I am drinking more hot and iced tea and less Crystal Lite every day and avoiding foods with HFCS and other white sugars.  I made it until yesterday without soda when the BOY ordered a root beer float after a round of tennis.  Since I hadn’t had soda in two months, it tasted great!

4. Eat something new each week-This has been hard with all of our traveling. I have had less time to play at the farmer’s market or in my kitchen.  I will definitely try to find new foods and the time to share them on the blog throughout the rest of summer and into fall.

5. Work on the blog-I updated some headings but still need to work on my Eating Well and Recipe sections.  Always a work in progress and never exactly where I want it, but still having fun!


Overall, an ok month in terms of goals. I have definitely been eating consciously and following my Tri exercise plan despite the busy and quick moving month of July.  I am looking forward to a more relaxed August with some quality time in the kitchen.  Fun News…it’s my turn for TREAT DAY again next week! 



New goals for August:

I’m going to keep it simple this month.

1. Increase distance runs for marathon prep.

2. Complete my first Olympic distance triathlon.

3. Continue to find time for yoga and meditation.

4. Cook new recipes with seasonal produce.



What goals have you set for yourself throughout the year?  What accomplishment are you most proud of this year?

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