Biking and Hiking in Door County

Along with eating our way through Door County, we made time for some exercise.  Well technically, I made the time and the BOY came along for the view.  I was hoping to get in some open water swims, but we didn’t spend much time in the water. I did get in some runs, two fantastic bike rides (one being a BRICK), and hikes along the bay and the lake.

On Friday, I started my morning with a PB&B and the local paper featuring the Door County Triathlon.  I grabbed my bike and gear, walked up the gravel driveway, and took a gamble heading south, a direction we hadn’t gone. 


I found myself on the DC Tri path and about 2 miles down, I saw the triathlon start beach.  I was definitely motivated as I headed from G, south on B against a heavy wind.


I rode 10 miles south and found myself in Sevastopol along the water with some beautiful views.


Too funny! I didn’t realize until I was looking through these pictures that I still had my triathlon number on my helmet.  I headed back up north, luckily with a lot less wind, and back into Egg Harbor.


I treated myself to a refreshing iced caramel latte from an adorable coffee shop in Fish Creek on our way up to Peninsula State Park.  It definitely in the spot!


Last summer, the BOY and I hiked the Eagle Trail in Peninsula State Park and I was eager to hike it again.  This time, we started by climbing the Eagle Tower, which has a fabulous view of Green Bay.



After meeting some nice people on the top of the tower, we hit the 2 mile trail through the woods and along the shore.




Saturday was overcast, but I was super excited to get back out on my bike.  This time, I went east on E heading towards the Lake Michigan coast and Baily’s Harbor.  I rode through the fields, past the Stone’s Throw Winery, and into the cute town of Baily’s Harbor.



On the way back, I saw the cherry trees being harvested. I was so excited to get a shot on top of the hill leading back down to Egg Harbor, but of course the sky was cloudy.  On a clear day, the view driving down E towards 42 in great.


The BOY was still asleep when I got home from my 23 mile ride, so I went for a short run to get in a BRICK.  Afterwards, I went down to the water to catch my breath.  We had hoped to kayak, but the water was looking pretty rough, so I convinced him to head back to the east coast of the Peninsula to try another hiking spot. 


We followed the map and took a scenic route to Jacksonport arriving at Cave Point Park.  This popular area has a spectacular view of Lake Michigan and large rocks to walk along and explore.



The BOY and I found a path heading southbound towards Whitefish Dunes State Park.  It was an easy hike (compared with the hills we did the day before).  But the views and terrain were beautiful and fun!


We were so happy to find this trail and it is something we will add to our Door County to do list for next year!  I truly love an active vacation, and I have been telling everyone how much I enjoyed biking the quiet roads of Door County.  I am even recruiting friends and family for next summer’s DC Tri and DC Century bike ride.

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