Let the Eating Begin…


The BOY and I packed up, hopped into the car and drove up to Door County Wisconsin where we checked into a rustic coach house on the water with a beautiful view of Green Bay…


And then decided it was time to eat.  A new tapas place recently opened in May 2011 in downtown Egg Harbor and we were eager to try it.  Eating is always a huge part of any trip to Door County and it usually revolves around cheese. I was excited to try something a little lighter and even more impressed when I learned that many of the restaurants (including Parador where we went for Wednesday night’s dinner) support local farmers and businesses.



Never one to shy away from the local brew, the BOY ordered a Cherry Wheat beer


And I began my evening with a crisp white sangria…perfect after a long drive on a hot and steamy night.


Continuing on with Beer Tour 2011, the BOY ordered another local beer made from wheat on Washington Island.  I liked this beer so much, that I picked up a case on the way home.


I countered with the red sangira.  It’s always good to know which tastes better.  It was a tough call, but I was leaning towards the white, especially on such a hot day.


Our dinner that followed was nothing shy of amazing, especially the pork meatball.

Throughout our trip we ate at many unique places, and I chose not to take pictures of the food, but instead to enjoy my dining experience.  I did however get some shots from our favorite place from last year, Wild Tomatoes, because the pizza is that good, I had to share it with you!  Some places (like Parador) had great food while others had quirky appeal or beautiful views.  Here is the recap.  WARNING…I wouldn’t read this post on an empty stomach!


The Village Café

An adorable and eclectic café in Egg Harbor where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast (a veggie and feta omelet for me and a chili omelet fro the BOY).  BTW, I recommend the coffee cake…they make a fresh flavor daily.






Mojo Rosa’s

A local Egg Harbor Mexican restaurant that has an expanded menu and the best mojito that I’ve had since Grand Cayman.  They also make a mean guacamole.

IMG_3302   IMG_3304




IMG_3548 IMG_3554 IMG_3557

Pink Bakery

Right next door to Mojo Rosa’s and since they are owned by the same person, you can bring your cupcake into Mojo Rosa’s to enjoy with you mojito.





IMG_3558 IMG_3560 IMG_3565


Casey’s BBQ & Smokehouse

The BOY’s pick…surprise surprise!



Wild Tomato

Our favorite place from last year…we have been eagerly awaiting all year to return. This amazing pizza place is right outside of Peninsula State Park and perfect after a hike (we did the Eagle trail).  The salads are fresh and made from local ingredients and the wood oven pizzas are some of the best I’ve ever had.  We ordered the mushroom pizza called ‘The Fun Guy’.  The BOY bought a T-shirt so they gave us a gluten-free peanut butter cookie.















Harbor Fish Market and Grill

A nice restaurant in Baily’s Harbor where we went for lunch after our second hike in Jacksonport.  The lunch menu had some unique sandwiches and quiches. I had a shrimp and spinach quiche that was delicious!

 IMG_3712  IMG_3713


The Carrington

A decent bar menu with a spectacular view overlooking Green Bay.




Good Eggs

I saved one of the best for last!!!  A one of a kind breakfast place where you are greeted with a smile and an offer of coffee or a fresh fruit smoothie.  This ‘one trick pony’ makes egg wraps.  You have three options and each wrap is made to order.  Let me tell you…they are phenomenal!  I suggest going early or on a week day because this place is popular (and for good reason)!  We stopped by Sunday on our way out of town.  I got a standard wrap with Wisconsin cheddar, spinach, black bean salsa, and of course taters.






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