Off the Grid (in DC Wisconsin)


If you know the BOY (which many of you do) then you know he is quite the procrastinator.  As of a few weeks ago, we still didn’t have anything set for our trip to Door County, Wisconsin.  I had given up that we would make it, but I got a text one day saying that he booked us a cottage in Egg Harbor.  I was surprised that there were any vacancies in Egg Harbor last minute during peak season, but the BOY found us a coach house on the water owned by a local resort.  The ‘resort’ was straight out of the 60’s with a Dirty Dancing feel to it.  I also found out that they host BINGO and dances each week.





 IMG_3198 IMG_3201




We got the keys to our house and headed a mile down the road following the proprietor’s instructions to keep going until the end of the golf course and look for a driveway on our right.



At the bottom of the driveway, we found a large white house and with a little coach house nestled into the woods right on the water.  The house is called Happy Hallow and its current residents were some friendly Midwesterners who come up to Egg Harbor and stay in this house for the same week every summer. 




We would be staying at Happy Hallow Guest right next door for four nights.






I wasn’t sure what to expect when we entered the house.


We found a tiny outdated living room with a stone fireplace, the tiniest TV ever, a small kitchen, and a bedroom.  The window air conditioner kept the place nice and chilly which was great in this heat wave.  The cottage had rustic appeal and despite the tiny towels and the bad water (the kind that makes you want to brush your teeth with bottled), we made it work.  There was no wireless internet and my cell phone didn’t have reception, so we were fully OFF THE GRID!



The weather in Door County was perfect all weekend.  We didn’t see a drop of rain and we even escaped some of the heat wave taking over Chicago.  Our view of Green Bay was great with this cute rock beach.



And the sunsets were magnificent!  The most beautiful I have ever seen!


We spent 4 days in Door County, Wisconsin exploring, eating, drinking, shopping, hiking, biking, and enjoying beautiful sunsets. It was very relaxing and wonderful to spend this time together before the fall chaos begins.  As always, I took tons of pictures to share over the next few posts.

4 thoughts on “Off the Grid (in DC Wisconsin)

    • Thanks!!!
      I have many more to share. I have a thing for sunsets, especially on the water overlooking a peaceful bay. And I love the photos that capture those moments. I am working on a way to frame some for our house.

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