Back in the Saddle

I finally got back on my bike this morning for a quick BRICK (40 minute bike, 30 minute run) before work.  The heat wave has hit Chicago and I was struggling with the last 15 minutes of my run.  Check out my creative breakfast with my leftover oatmeal pancakes.



I added PB and banana.  The cakes were a little dry reheated so I drizzled on some agave.  Delish!


The BOY has quit his job and starts Law School in a month.  He is taking some time off to relax, get some things done around the house, and attack his summer reading list.  As I am leaving for work, he is having a lazy morning in the kitchen with ginormous Wisconsin bacon and chocolate milk (with LOTS of chocolate).



Tomorrow afternoon, we are heading up to Door County, Wisconsin for one last pre-law school getaway weekend.  I am so excited!  Door county is one of my favorite places! 


We went last year at the end of summer and had such a relaxing and wonderful time.  I’m looking forward to exploring more of the hiking trails, beaches, restaurants, and tiny local shops.  Plus, I always love a good sunset! 

We are going off the grid again, but I will have pictures and stories to share when we return.


Sister Bay, Door County 2010

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