This and That

I know that you haven’t seen too many recipes coming from lately and I apologize.  I miss the kitchen, just as much as you miss the recipes!  With such a busy summer, I have not had time to update the blog on my CSA, my weekly something new, or the fun recipes I hope to find time to make.  After a long week of work, I spent my Friday and Saturday doing this…


Yes that is Kinesio Tape and yes I am covered in it!  I took the third course this weekend specific for pediatrics and neuro populations, but luckily, I learned a few tricks for friends and family too.  The other thing you are guaranteed to learn at physical therapy continuing ed course is just how screwed up your own body is.  This weekend, the instructors declared me as having the “TIGHTEST IT BAND THEY HAVE EVER SEEN”. 


Yikes!  More on that to come…

So, after 6 straight days at work, I finally have a little free time on Sunday and long list of things to do.  I spent this week contemplating my next athletic challenge.  Since last summer, I have wanted to do an Olympic distance triathlon, but after last weekend’s panic in the water, my confidence is shot.  On top of that, I am out of town the next few weekends and nervous about getting my training in.  This Olympic Tri is TWICE the distance!  I am leaning towards going for it, but haven’t officially signed up yet.


It was nice to take last night off of work, training, etc. for some cocktails and a movie. The BOY sidestepped his way into convincing me to go see Harry Potter 2 with the promise of wine at our favorite movie theater.  We surprised to learn that the local Gold Class Cinema was sold, but happy with their changes and upgrades (except that they removed the call button allowing you to request your server during the movie for refills and food…who can decide during the trailers how many glasses of wine and snacks they want?).  I won’t spoil anything, but the movie was good…definitely the darkest of them all.  They BOY has been watching the previous 7 in preparation for this weekend and he is hoping that WB makes another movie (although I have told him there are no more books).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II Poster


This morning we slept in with no alarm (which was wonderful after 6 early mornings).  I had a little time in the kitchen and decided to make the Eat Clean Diet Oatmeal Pancakes with fresh blueberries from the CSA.  The BOY was less than thrilled  (he walked into the kitchen during pancake prep and saw oats) and so I whipped him up some pancakes using the classic Aunt Jemima/Tollhouse combination.


With Reddi Whip of course!

IMG_3140 IMG_3141

After removing Emmy from my recipe book,


I collected the ingredients and got to work on the pancakes.  Since they were just for me, I made half the recipe.  I always love a breakfast recipe where you already have all the ingredients!!!  I added some fresh blueberries from this week’s CSA in the batter and then a few on the top.  The pancakes were dense, but tasty.  They were very filling and would make a good pre-long-workout breakfast.  The blueberries were a perfect touch and I think they would be great with other fruits or even pumpkin.  I save two pancakes for tomorrow’s breakfast.


We have a packed day of errands, cleaning, and packing for our upcoming trip to DOOR COUNTY, Wisconsin today.  I am lucky I even had time for a blog post!  The BOY is halfway out the door so off we go!

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