Green Lake Day Two

Sunday was another gorgeous day in Green Lake, Wisconsin.  After a busy and active day, it was nice to relax a little before dinner.  Sunday night’s dinner started off with some refreshing sangria.  Thanks Mom!  I discovered this Hungry Girl recipe a few years back and it has been a staple at most get togethers ever since! 


It is easy and tastes great, so when my mom suggested making an impromptu batch before dinner, I was all for it.  We didn’t have any sprite or ginger ale (and I am not drinking soda) so we used raspberry lime flavored sparkling water instead.  We used some of the fresh fruit we had cut up for breakfast and lunch. 


And although we didn’t let it sit overnight as usual, it turned out perfectly!


We had many people stopping by, for example a neighbor with wild asparagus (that he found locally) homemade soup.  The pups were ready and waiting by the door.  There was ‘emergency’ garlic bread AND ‘emergency’ pizza.


Plus, the beets finally made it to the grill along with some broccoli (from the CSA) and asparagus (probably from Costco).


We enjoyed another fabulous dinner (although our beets did not turn out…I think we need to slice them next time).  The scenery was beautiful and there were smiles and laughter throughout the house.  I was too busy enjoying the meal to take any pictures.

IMG_2954 IMG_2955

We then headed down to the dock for another amazing sunset…



I swear this could be a post card!  A few of us gathered around the fire for s’mores and cigars.

IMG_2974 IMG_2968 IMG_2973

And another fireworks show courtesy of our brave friends on the boat.  I can’t believe these things are legal in Wisconsin.

IMG_2981 IMG_2982 IMG_2990

IMG_2983 IMG_2984

It was wonderful to get away for an active and healthy weekend with close family and friends!!!  I can’t think of a better way to spend the 4th of July!

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