Taking our Week 3 CSA on the Road to Wisconsin



I hope that everyone had a fabulous fourth of July weekend!  I spent the weekend up in Green Lake, Wisconsin with friends and family.  W had such a fabulous time boating, swimming, cooking, biking, fireworking, and spending time together catching up.  I unplugged for the weekend (no cell phone, no laptop…I didn’t even wear a watch), so I am back home and looking forward to sharing our weekend with you.


We left early Saturday morning.  I made some overnight oats with strawberries to go.  What a well rounded portable breakfast!!!  We packed up the car, including my bike, and hit the road.

IMG_2779   IMG_2781



My mom brought up this week’s vegetables and fruits from our CSA, which we used to prepare a delicious dinner on Saturday night.  We started with a salad using our fresh lettuce and a few other vegetables, such as the Kohlrabi.

IMG_2782  IMG_2790  IMG_2796

We sliced up some of the other veggies for the grill.

IMG_2784   IMG_2791


We weren’t exactly sure what to do with the fennel and the beets.

IMG_2783   IMG_2785

The men were in charge of the meat.  They grilled up some marinated salmon and chicken.

IMG_2788  IMG_2793

IMG_2794   IMG_2792

There was ‘Emergency’ garlic bread while we waited.


And the BOY enjoyed a bag of chips.


Dinner was enjoyed by friends old and new around a huge table with some spectacular wine and easy conversation.  The food was fantastic and the fresh veggies were a hit!


With all of this wonderful food, there wasn’t much room for dessert.  But we had fresh cherries and raspberries from the CSA.

IMG_2786   IMG_2787

After dinner, we headed down to the dock for a gorgeous sunset and firework fun…followed by a late night boat ride and star gazing.


Happy Fourth of July!

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