Open Water Swim


One benefit of this weekend in Green Lake, Wisconsin was getting in an open water swim before next weekend’s sprint triathlon.  I woke up Sunday morning to discover an extra guest at the house for breakfast.  Look who stopped by for a treat (or two)!


I ate some fresh fruit and headed down to the pier with my mom for a swim.  This was her first time practicing in the open water.


We ‘hired’ an escort to keep an eye on us during our swim.  Luckily, the lake was still calm and smooth.  Thanks T!


My mom bravely entered the water…then returned with some assistance.

IMG_6947   IMG_6949

IMG_6950  IMG_6951

Here I go!


Success!  We swam a little over a 1/2 mile.


IMG_6957  IMG_6959  IMG_6958

I was tired after my swim, but I felt great.  It definitely helped build my confidence for next weekend.  Afterwards, I took a quick spin on the kayak…


And then headed out for a bike ride around Green Lake.  We definitely had an active weekend!

IMG_6965  IMG_6967 IMG_6969

We rode 25 miles up and down some impressive hills.  It was a beautiful day for a bike ride with a nice breeze and gorgeous views.  Unfortunately, I only took a few pictures when we stopped and didn’t get any of the lake or downtown views.



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