Sweet Potato French Toast (for one)

I love Sweet potatoes!!!  When I am making them for dinner, I usually grill or bake an extra one to use in recipes during the week.  I have been on a sweet potato breakfast kick making Sweet Potato Pancakes for One and a Sweet Potato Dough Boy Smoothie.  I had one more slice of sweet potato left and decided to round out the week with Sweet Potato French Toast.


This potato is an organic one from the market and on its own it just tastes so fresh and sweet.  I started by pureeing it with my hand blender.  Then I stirred in one egg, one egg white, cinnamon, and vanilla.



My mixture was looking pretty thick and a little lumpy.  I was a little worried about how it would coat the bread AND I only have Ezekiel Sprouted Bread in the house (by the end of the week, I am usually out of my fresh bakery bread) which can be a little dry.  But I continued on…

IMG_2669  IMG_2670   IMG_2671

I coated two slices of bread in my egg mixture and placed them on a heated pan sprayed with Pam.  After 3-4 minutes, I turned them over for another ~4 minutes.



The house was starting to smell good and the lick I stole off of the spatula was promising!  I dug my fork right in!


IMG_2678   IMG_2679   IMG_2680

This recipe is so flavorful on it’s own that syrup was not required although I did have a dash of sugar-free syrup to taste.  The sweet potato added a unique texture that I really enjoyed.  As predicted, my sprouted bread was a little dry, but I barely noticed as my French toast disappeared quickly!

With only a few simple ingredients, this recipe was a snap to make.  On his way out the door, the BOY commented that it smells like a dish from Walker Brothers Restaurant.  What a compliment!!!  A successful new recipe and the perfect breakfast to fuel me through this morning’s BRICK. Gotta get going in order to beat the HEAT!

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