Screws Loose

Ok, I am over my anger at the weather people.  For one thing, I am way too tired to be angry.  And, the benefit of their inaccuracy is that it certainly wasn’t 80 degrees outside.  I waited out the short rain storm by venting about it on the blog and then headed out on my bike.  I rode the Bode Trail which is relatively speaking a ‘hilly’ 9 mile loop across the street from our house.  Initially, I had a BIG problem getting my left foot clipped into the bike.  I wasn’t sure why, but I finally got it and headed along the path.  There are a few stops where you have to cross intersections and I was having trouble getting that left foot clipped OUT of the pedals to stop, which considering my history of falling over from a stand still, was super frustrating.  Also, my left shoe was moving around way more than the right while I was pedaling.  Strange I thought, but maybe this was always the case and I hadn’t noticed in the past.  At one cross walk, I literally had to tug my foot out of the clips.  I crossed the street and heard a noise, looked down, and saw a screw had fallen out of the bottom of my shoe. 


Yikes! I sat down at the curb and screwed it back in, hoping it would make it the next 4 miles back to my house.  I was nervous about the screw and getting my foot stuck, so I decided I would try to clip out with the right foot.  Typically, I clip out my left (power foot) first and then use that leg to get started again.  I came to my next intersection (of course the busiest of them all), crossed the street, easily pulled out my right foot, but was totally unable to coordinate my breaking, stopping, and getting my foot down…which resulted in me leaning to the left…where my foot was still clipped in…and not surprisingly FAll NUMBER 3 of the season!

Ouch…my right knee was finally looking heeled and now I’ve got some nice bruises and a new scratch on the left knee!

IMG_2682   IMG_2684

I picked my pride up off the ground, got myself back on the bike and headed home.  On the way, my water bottle cage began to rattle.  The screws are so lose that it almost fell off. 


I had been riding about 40 minutes of my planned 90 minute ride.  I debated what to do the whole way back and decided to change shoes and pull out my old bike for the second half of my ride.  I haven’t ridden my TREK Hybrid since getting the road bike because I am trying to get comfortable for next week’s triathlon.  I have always looked at having two bikes as a luxury, but for today, it was definitely a necessity!

IMG_2691   IMG_2685

I pulled down the bike, put some air in the tires and headed out for another 9 mile loop.  It felt so weird to be back on my hybrid bike. I felt super low to the ground and immediately had to stop and adjust my seat height.  I also forgot how to shift, but like the old wise men say “It’s like riding a bike”.  Everything came back to me and I was soon happy and comfortable riding again with my old friend.  I finished the loop and headed out for a 30 minute run completing today’s BRICK.  When the BOY gets home, I’m sure he can help find some tools to tighten my water bottle cage and the boys at Pearl Izumi were able to fix my shoes and give me some backup screws for the future.  Luckily, I found all of these loose screws this week and not during next week’s triathlon.

June Challenge Recap

With the adventures of this morning behind me, I figured it was a good time to reflect on the goals I had set in the beginning of the month.  I had lots of time to think about them over the course of this morning’s 2 hour workout.

1. Avoid HFCS

This has been easy…mission accomplished!!!

2. No Soda

This was much harder.  There were some times when I was craving a diet caffeinated beverage, but I never caved.  I’m carrying this one on through July.

3. Less mindless munching on white flour and white sugar

This is always a challenge, but I have been trying new snacks like the ginger seed crackers I bought from Whole Foods.  I am still enjoying my baked goods (most of which have white flour and sugar) but I am also experimenting with whole wheat and spelt flours and different sugars sources.

4. Decrease artificial sweeteners

I used to make a Crystal Light (or three) every day at work.  I still drink it at home, but I have been drinking water and tea (hot and iced) at work.  I have also been drinking much more water and tea at home.

5. Eat something new each week

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ve gotten to see my adventures with Kohlrabi, dandelion greens, grilled feta, turnips, and other unique vegetables from my CSA.  I’m going to keep this up all summer!

July Goals

Since the June goals kept me motivated throughout this fast-paced month, I thought I’d give it another go for July.

1. Meditate more

Try to find time each week for unstructured meditation, whether first thing in the morning or a few minutes after work.  Also, make it to yoga weekly, especially HOT yoga.

2.  Finish a sprint triathlon

3. Continue to avoid HFCS, soda, and decrease the amount of artificial sweeteners

4. Try something new each week!

5. Spend time updating my blog

Thank you for all of your support on this journey of blogging!  Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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