Hello Sunshine!

Finally!!!  A little sunshine around here.

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Perfect weather for the BRICK I had planned for today.  I didn’t set an alarm this morning because I haven’t been sleeping much past 7AM anyways. I wasn’t surprised when I woke up around 6:30AM, but was super surprised that I was able to fall back asleep until 8:30AM.  I had a slow start to the morning, enjoying a dough boy smoothie with my homemade Almond Butter and chatted with the BOY’s college roommate who is in town for the weekend.


Eventually the BOY emerged around 9:30 and the two of them went off in search of bacon, while I packed up my car and headed west to the Fox River Trail.  The trail is one of the longest in Illinois and spans from McHenry (in the north) down to Aurora (in the south).  I can pick up the trail in Carpentersville which is only 15 minutes west of us.  It is one of the positives (along with a garage, washer/dryer, and backyard with a grill) of living in suburbia. 

IMG_2573     IMG_2574

Last summer, I rode the trail north and this morning, I was set to go south.  The town was alive with markets and shops and tons of families enjoying the beautiful day on the trail.  I had quite the adventure as I passed an antique market, casino, an entire field of cows, and almost got attached by a flock of geese.  Luckily, I didn’t fall off my bike, but I did almost tumble into someone’s back yard when the aggressive goose lunged at me.  I had lots of opportunities to practice clipping in and out of pedals along the trail!  Unfortunately, I was unable to bring my camera.  It didn’t fit in my back pouch along with everything else and for safety reasons (I was riding alone), I figured I needed my cell phone and a spare tire more!


However, when I dropped off my bike at the adorable old fashioned bike shop along the trail, I picked up my camera for some pictures during my run.  I was exhausted after the 2 hour (28 mile) bike ride, so I was happy to pause and take some shots.  Here are the sights of the Fox River Trail (at least the small section where I ran this morning).

IMG_6925   IMG_6926




IMG_6934   IMG_6935

IMG_6924   IMG_6939   IMG_6940

Who wouldn’t love a trail with a Dairy Queen?   After this LONG workout, I was hot, sweaty, and starving!  I was happy for the apple and protein bar (even if it was a bit melted) that I had stashed in the car.  On my way home, I swung by the market for more tomatoes.  At home I had a late lunch of leftover fish (with my fresh dill) and couscous salads from WF.  I was still hungry so I had some Greek yogurt with fresh berries and my new millet puffs.  Kind of a random combination, but it definitely hit the spot!

IMG_2578   IMG_2582

I hopped in the shower and then packed up a plate of homemade goodies to bring to a get together with friends! 

They were a huge hit!



After this busy day, I am heading out back to enjoy a glass of wine and this gorgeous weather!


Triathlon Countdown

          2 weeks until TREK SPRINT TRI

          7 weeks until BANGS LAKE OLYMPIC TRI

3 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine!

  1. Thanks for coming out to my neck of the woods for your ride this morning. I run the Fox River Trail sporadically. And what a beautiful day this morning for a run and ride. I posted some pics of the trail, too. Feel free to borrow.

    Did you happen to just do the Batavia Triathlon a couple weeks ago?

    Good luck with the training for your upcoming ones.

    • No Batavia. I didn’t realize there was a tri there. I saw a bunch of runners out today but I was on a later schedule than usual. You’ll have to let me know if there are any other trails in the area. I love exploring the area!

  2. […] As everyone made their way out the door, it was just me and Cooper watching the TV.  Feeling encouraged by the extreme athletic accomplishments of this hilly course, I pulled myself together with thoughts of a longish bike ride.  I paused the tour about half way through and decided to drive out to the Fox River Trail. […]

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