(Run—>Swim) And CSA Week 2

Back to the training schedule…I had a run or bike AND a swim to get in today.  I was planning to meet my mom for lunch at Whole Foods, which is right by the pool.  So, I hit the pavement in my running shoes for a 60 minute run (a little over 7 miles).  It was a little chilly and PERFECT running weather.  I came home to rehydrate, refuel (sprouted raisin bread with Swiss and an apple), and then hit the pool.

IMG_2540   IMG_2541   IMG_2542

Everything seemed to take a little longer than expected (I was moving slowly after those 7 miles), so I only had time for 15 minutes in the pool.  About 3 laps in, the fire alarm went off…and it was LOUD!  I definitely considered calling it a day and heading to lunch, but the staff said we could stay in the pool.  And although I was tired and a little hungry, I stuck with it and finished my 15 minute swim, with time for 5 minutes to relax in the hot tub.


Then, I met my mom for lunch and fun at Whole Foods.  By fun, I mean exploring, sampling, and buying.  For lunch, we split a 12 grain fresh crab sushi roll and we each grabbed some of our favorites from the salad bars.

IMG_2548   IMG_2546   IMG_2547

Check out some of the fun new snacks we found!  I’ll let you know what we think!!!

IMG_2552   IMG_2554

After our adventures in the WF, we met in the parking lot for a food exchange.  I brought my mom some maple AB and vegan zucchini bread, and she had this week’s CSA greens and fresh strawberries.


 IMG_2555  IMG_2558   IMG_2556

I don’t even know what this one is?!

With the afternoon ahead of me, I’m looking forward to a SYTYCD marathon (I am so far behind I’m still on auditions) and then a fresh green salad for dinner.  Happy Friday!

One thought on “(Run—>Swim) And CSA Week 2

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