All in a Day’s Work (Without going to work)

I have gotten so much done today…it feels amazing!  The upstairs is looking so much better and the second bedroom will be ready for company tomorrow night.  Look who even helped out with the dishes.


I am waiting for the BOY to come home from work to eat dinner.  I made a hodgepodge dinner with my remaining spinach, Chard, and bok choy…along with whole grain couscous and grilled chicken. Quite the combination!


Meanwhile, I have spent my post-cleaning time in the kitchen.  Remember the yellow cake with chocolate chips the BOY requested for this weekend.  Well, I frosted the cake AND added sprinkles…because really, what is a cake without sprinkles???

IMG_2436     IMG_2437

Initially, I had trouble finding the frosting in the pantry, which is where I KNOW that I put it.  I found it hiding out behind my canned pumpkin in the fridge with a few scoops missing.  This is what happens…when I am away for one night…the BOY eats frosting for dinner?!

IMG_2495     IMG_2504

My cake turned out cute…beautiful frosting has never really been my strength, but I am sure it will taste great!  It was tempting to try some frosting, but because of the HFCS I decided against it.  See my June Eat Clean Pledge HERE.  I didn’t even lick off my very frosted fingers.

IMG_2505   IMG_2507   IMG_2508

IMG_2502   IMG_2503

I also made my first ever batch of homemade almond butter.  I found Ashley’s recipe for Maple Roasted Cinnamon Almond Butter on her blog Edible Perspectives months ago.  Apparently she has updated it since then because my version was slightly different.  I love grinding my own almonds at the WF and knew I had to try it at home.


My mom supplied the almonds.  I doubled the recipe and began with 2 cups.  I added 3 T maple syrup and baked for 15 minutes, stirring often as recommended.

IMG_2498  IMG_2499   IMG_2510

I let the almonds cool for 10 minutes before adding them to the food processor.  I can not tell you how loud the noise was initially.  I see now that Ashley recommends only cooling for 5 minutes.


IMG_2516 IMG_2517

I poured myself a glass of wine and waited patiently!  Check out my new wine glass.  I stole borrowed it from the Flying Saucer in Memphis to help me with portion control.

IMG_2512   IMG_2513

I stirred occasionally and watched the butter become smoother. After 10 minutes, I added a dash of kosher salt, cinnamon and  more syrup.  5 more minutes in the food processor and then I streamed in Safflower oil (that’s what I had in the kitchen) to make a smooth butter.

IMG_2518   IMG_2520

All I can say is OMG!!!  This almond butter (which is still warm from the food processor) is absolutely positively UNBELIEVEABLE!  You have to try this!  I have been licking the spatula, bowl, and blade all evening.

   IMG_2523   IMG_2521

After a busy and productive day, the BOY surprised me with flowers.  They’re from Honduras!  He has a client who brings them to the office and then I benefit when he brings them home.

   IMG_2525   IMG_2524

Although we don’t often keep flowers around for this reason…

IMG_2526   IMG_2527

Luckily, they are hiding safely now!  Well, it’s been a busy day and I am heading off to bed!  Good Night!

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