Sunday Father’s Fun Day

This morning began very similar to last Sunday (I thought about calling this post HARD CORE Part II).  I woke up super early, grabbed my bike gear, enjoyed a Pumpkin flavored Dough Boy (regular dough boy with 1/2 cup pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice…delish!), and headed out to Barrington for another BRICK.


Check out our front lawn with all the old carpet!!!


Luckily this time, I didn’t get lost!  We rode 24 miles through Long Grove and Kildeer this morning.  It was a beautiful course and I got some good tips from the Ironmen (and women) about shifting and stretching on the bike.  I had a lot of fun exploring another new area and there were TONS of bikers out of the road.


After the ride, I laced up my gym shoes and hit the track.  It was a warm and overcast morning and the parking lot and track were filled with bikers and runners.  I ran for 30 minutes.  It was nice to know that others were out there training with me…a little community of triathletes on the high school track!


I completed my BRICK, stretched out my legs and back, and was hungry!  As always, I had packed up some snacks (a PB sandwich and an apple) for after this mornings workout.


I skipped Starbucks and headed straight for the Farmer’s Market. I needed more of those tomatoes!  I started chatting with my new friend, who owns the market.  She was drinking a ‘Green’ smoothie with Swiss Chard and some fruit.  She didn’t use milk, so the consistency was different, but it is the same idea as a Green Monster.  I bought some Chard (which I have never eaten, so I was excited to find my new food for the week) along with my tomatoes and a mango and headed home for a shower and a smoothie.


My market friend told me that I could use the whole Chard, stalks and all.  I was a little nervous because I don’t (yet) have a Vitamix.  I washed the Chard well and tore it up into pieces.  Who knew the leaves were so big?!


I piled in the chard, added 1 cup skim milk, and some fresh blueberries.  I was a little worried about how it would taste, so I added some vanilla protein smoothie powder.

IMG_2400  IMG_2401  IMG_2402

I blended everything together and took a hesitant taste…it was good, but definitely needed some ice.  I added the ice and tried again.  The smoothie tasted green, but not ‘I feel like I’m eating grass’ green.  The chard has great flavor and the berries and smoothie powder sweeten it up.  (I’m sure you could add honey or agave if you wanted a sweeter smoothie).  The ice made the smoothie cool and refreshing.  I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it!


And my Black & Decker performed like a CHAMP!  With 3 weeks to go until my first triathlon of the year, I am starting to get nervous, but feeling good about my training, especially these last two BRICKS. 


Now that my hard work is done for the day, I can have a fun afternoon with my dad and my family!

Happy Father’s Day!

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