A (mostly) Vegan Night Out

This is how I spent most of my weekend…sitting in traffic heading into and out of the city.  I think I could have biked faster!




BUT, it was totally worth it to spend some quality time with a close friend!



She is a new vegan, so I thought it would be fun to try a vegetarian restaurant in the city.  We went to the Green Zebra in Noble Square.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I had heard great reviews.  The restaurant serves small plates, perfect for sharing and there are many vegan options available.  Check out their green Philosophy of Taste HERE.


The restaurant is small and modernly decorated.  Our service was amazing!  Luckily, my friend is a blog reader and totally understood my desire to capture our meal in food photography.



We started dinner with a chef’s tasting of Moroccan hummus.



And a bottle of red wine.



We also had whole wheat bread dipped in the best olive oil that I have ever tasted. 

The plates came out separately, beginning with the lighter dishes and salads.



This cauliflower salad below was atop tasty pearled couscous.



Our next dish was a mushroom wrap in a warm soy sauce.



Followed by a chickpea tajine with dates and fresh pita.  It was so delicious that we dug right in (before I remembered to take a picture).



And fresh sesame noodles with carrots and radishes.



Everything we had was sooo good!  The flavors and textures were amazing, and I certainly didn’t miss having meat, eggs or cheese.  The food was spaced nicely and it gave us time to enjoy our wine and conversation.  We even had some room at the end for dessert.

IMG_2360  IMG_2361  IMG_2362


We ordered a vegan chocolate cupcake with a ganache frosting.  I think this picture says it all!















We had a fabulous dinner followed by some fun girl time (with a little more wine) and new friends.  We were raving about our dinner the whole night.  Now that was definitely worth the drive into the city!

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