Something New Sunday

Why yes…I do recognize that it is Monday.  I postponed yesterday’s post to today in order to spend a gorgeous evening outside chatting with the BOY and sipping on wine.  So as promised, I am beginning my weekly tradition of trying a new food.  I didn’t get too crazy for this first week and chose a pre-cut PAPAYA from Whole Foods.

I have had dried papaya before, but never the fresh fruit.  I just read about it in a magazine and was looking forward to trying it.  The BOY warned me that it was not a particularly juicy fruit.  I removed the seeds and diced the papaya.

I tried a bite and found that it was very juicy but not as sweet as I expected.   I used my papaya in a fruit salad with some mango and blueberries and refrigerated it for after dinner.

The BOY is back from his trip and was in charge of dinner.  He made pork chops, grilled veggies (mushrooms, onions and zucchini), and we opened a bottle of Cooper’s Hawk white wine.

As usual, everything turned out amazing and we had a fabulous dinner!  Then headed out back to enjoy the beautiful evening.

For dessert, we enjoyed the fruit salad with our favorite topping (that tastes great on everything) ReddiWip!

Although not wonderful on its own, the papaya works great in a fruit salad…especially with whipped cream!

2 thoughts on “Something New Sunday

  1. yum, I bought mango salsa at Whole Wallet.. a nice side to almost anything.

    and a new bread, asian asiago with garlic and rosemary… light taste, fabulous with applegate farms turkey

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