Bike the Drive 2011

I have one word to describe this year’s Bike the Drive…Brrrrrrr!  That’s a long word and to be honest, I’m not even sure if it would count in a game of scrabble, but when you combine cold/ wet weather with a bike ride=Brrrrrrr!!!

I spent last night with my parents enjoying delicious salmon and veggies (and of course some red wine).  My mom and I woke up at 4:45 today to a cool and foggy morning. 

No  rain, so we packed up our clothes, made some tea and grabbed Almond Butter and Banana sandwiches for breakfast on the go.

For the second year in a row, we loaded the bikes onto the car and headed into the city for Chicago’s Bike the Drive. 

We randevued in Lakeview, picking up my brother and rode off in the mist to Lake Shore Drive.  With a little chill, I was optimistic that the fog would burn off into the 73 degree promised by

We rode south towards Grant Park and ~4 miles in, I pulled off to the side with my brother, forgetting about my clipless pedals and took my first tumble straight onto the pavement.  Ouch!!! 

I bruised up my knee and hip and rode off with a gash on my knee.  The wet weather didn’t help things as blood dripped down my leg.  Luckily, I had some wipes to clean off my knee and continued to ride south to the Museum of Science and Industry campus.

We rode the whole 30 mile loop with food and stretch breaks along the way, stocking up on bananas and mini-sized Cliff bars.  Unfortunately, the fog never cleared and all my pictures look like this…

Fortunately, I have some amazing pictures from Bike the Drive 2010, so I figured (since I wasn’t blogging at that time)  I could share them with you today.

2011                                                                               2010





As time went on, the bikers thinned out and we finished in Grant Park with everyone else.  Since Lake Shore was opening back up to cars, we rode the Lake Shore path right along the water back to Lakeview. The path was packed with bikers and runners and it was so foggy and chilly that we could barely see the lake.  I think I even lost feeling in my fingers for some of the ride home.  At this point, I considered renaming today’s ride ‘Bike the Artic’.

In the end, we rode 42 miles and although it was a freezing finish, it was a fun and active morning.  After a warm shower, I went to Starbucks to pick up victory lattes.  The rain started pouring and continued for most of the afternoon (it’s 6PM and I am seeing sunshine for the first time all day).  The BOY and my dad came into the city, and we all went to a wonderful breakfast place in my brother’s neighborhood called Bakin’ and Eggs.  Sadly, I forgot my camera, but we enjoyed a bacon flight, egg frittatas, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches.  Everything looked and tasted amazing and was well worth the long wait.  After a wet walk and ride back to suburbia, it was off to the grocery store to pick up the fixin’s for tomorrow’s Memorial Day BBQ the BOY and I are hosting.  Can you believe they’re calling for 90 degree weather…that’s almost 30 degrees warmer than today.  Gotta LOVE Chicago!!!

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