Spring…Where have you gone?

It’s cold and it’s rainy.  I’m drinking hot tea instead of iced tea and I’d love a bowl of soup!  My calendar tells me it’s May, but I’m not sure I believe it.  I went to Run Club this morning in long pants and long sleeves.  I even packed my hat and gloves although I didn’t end up needing them.  This morning was an endurance run (6 miles in about 52 minutes).  It’s always motivating to go running with other people! 

The only sign of spring I’ve seen all day is the Organic Market that popped up at my local outdoor mall.  Last summer, there was a small market at the mall a few miles down the road.  I was there almost every week and they knew me by name.  I was sad to see that they weren’t returning this year, but thrilled when I saw that the Green Grocer was opening a secondary location way out in suburbia!  Thanks Guys!

I met my mom for an impromptu shopping spree and then we headed over to the food stand.  Since it’s the beginning of the season, there wasn’t a huge selection, but the produce was BEAUTIFUL!  Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me (and ya’ll know I don’t have a smart phone yet).  We started chatting with the owners and their staff who were all so kind and fun. 

Between the two of us, my mom and I bought tomatoes, mushrooms, peaches and kale.  The kale looked so good, I had to grab it.  My mom scrunched up her nose..even when I suggested Kale Chips.  The owner promised she had a recipe that would change my mom’s mind using olive oil, garlic, and chili powder.  I quickly gave her my email address and promised not to stalk her if she sent me the recipe.  I am super excited to make Kale Chips this week!

Running into the house, I dropped my bags and headed to the bathroom.  When I came out, I found Emmy nibbling on my kale.  She jumped when she heard me (because she knew she was in trouble).  Obviously, she has a different opinion of the kale than my mom.  I hid my gorgeous kale in the fridge (where the cat can’t get it) and used my fresh tomatoes on a salad.  Man, I LOVE farmer’s market season.  Even if the sun’s not shining yet!

One thought on “Spring…Where have you gone?

  1. ha, I am willing to be convinced, bring on the Kale… I may have to join my daughter and get a ‘eat more kale’ tshirt!

    but now… wine and salmon… see you soon DD

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