Breakfast of Champions

I meant to have this post up a few days ago, but my computer has been feeling sluggish (can’t we all relate?), so I am now just getting pictures and text together to share. 

I stole this title from the WW meeting this week in which we discussed healthy and filling meals to start our day.  And I found this recipe on Kath’s website (See HERE).  Ya’ll know that I have been slightly OBSESSED with the overnight oats recently.  I’ve been telling everyone about them (including my new vegan friends).  So when I found out there was an Overnight Oats Smoothie, I had to try it.  And since my blender was already out, it was perfect timing!

Dough Boy Smoothie

Gather ingredients

Into the blender

Into the fridge

Where it sits until morning…

Then, wake up, blend, and pour into your cereal bowl.  Add delicious toppings (ex: Hazelnut Butter).

I absolutely LOVE these dough boy smoothies.  As with everything in the blog community, I am sure there are many flavors and I can’t wait to try them all.  This breakfast tastes amazing and kept me full through a busy morning at work.  It uses real food and with toppings like peanut butter makes the perfect ‘breakfast of champions’.  For you WW members out there, this satisfying smoothie is only 6 points plus (without toppings).  I was so excited about my new breakfast that I cleared some space on my counter for the blender (next to my other favorite…the crock pot)!

6 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. yum.. I am going to try both kinds… overnight oats and overnight smoothie, but where did you find the chia seeds? I thought they would be with the other seeds at whole foods by bulk, but no.

    • They are by the whey protein (perpendicular to the bulk at our WF). I have heard you can order them online as well. You will definitely enjoy these new breakfast options!

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