Beer (and other booze) Tour 2011

I must start by saying that I am in no way a beer expert (nor do I really drink that much beer) and that the opinions stated on this site are simply my own. 

It is super fun to visit far away countries, but even more fun to sample their local brew.  We took a pass in Mexico (because who hasn’t had a Corona) and went with a daiquiri instead.  So the official tour began in Belize.  Although I enjoy beer, I am a bit picky.  After some of my samples, I substituted other local fruity and vacation-friendly cocktails.

The local Belize beer is called Belikin.

It was the heaviest bottle that I’ve ever felt.  In fact, the bartender mentioned that it was usually served in plastic cups to avoid bar fights.  The beer tasted no different than your typical light beer.  Quite disappointing!  So instead, I ordered a mojito. Absolutely amazing!!!

In Honduras, we had a few options.

The BOY chose two and we shared them as we walked on the beach.  Both were great beers, but I really liked the light one called Barena.

In fact, I tried to order it again in Grand Caymen, but instead got a Cuban beer called Bucanero.

I didn’t like it (too dark for me), but the BOY got the Cay Brew which was pretty good. We had heard about a Sting Ray beer, but couldn’t find it on the island. 

The Honduras beer was definitely my favorite!  And since I was no longer in Honduras, I abandoned beer and ordered a mojito.  It was called a ‘dark and something’. It’s made with a dark rum and has more of a brown sugar flavor.  All I can say is YUMMY!  It was SO good (possibly the BEST drink ever).  We ordered another to share and enjoyed it with some delicious fried calamari.  The calamari was served with marinara and a warm spiced vinegar.  It sounds crazy, but I must say it was great!  The BOY loved it!

Ironically, we sat down at the bar and our bartender was a young blond guy from Michigan…not what we expected, but fun to discuss local sports.  He wrote down the recipe for my new favorite drink, but not the spice in the vinegar (which I now can’t remember).  Sadly, we concluded our beer tour (as there were no more ports left on our trip) and took the tender boat back to the ship.  Looking forward to our Beer and Booze Days 2012!

6 thoughts on “Beer (and other booze) Tour 2011

  1. Did the Belikin, thought it was good, was at the bar on the pier. Did the Port Royal at the same bar at Tabyana. Very good. Must have been the same cruise as we did. lol

    • How crazy is that! We were on the Glory, but I know there were 3 boats at all of our parts. I LOVED Honduras…it was absolutely beautiful! You probably have many of the same pictures…I’ve got more to come!

      • We were on the NCL Spirit out of New Orleans. Just finished blogging my trip. I’ll watch for your next posts and compare. LOL. I was browsing and saw the Belekin name. Had a blast.

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