Meet My Grandpa

We’re Back!

Our trip was FABULOUS! I don’t even know where to begin. We had perfect weather, met some interesting and fun people, and visited some beautiful countries.  I took hundreds of pictures of our food, drinks, and adventures.  I plan to focus the next few posts on my trip.  BUT FIRST…

I want to introduce  you to my grandpa whose 99th birthday we celebrated last weekend in Florida (before the BOY and I left for our cruise).  He is an inspirational guy who exercises every day, does yoga, and stays active in his Florida community.  AND, he still drives!


Gpa and Cake


This is grandpa showing me his home exercises that he does every morning.  So cute…right?!


IMG_1816 IMG_1821

IMG_1825 IMG_1826


My grandpa reminds us every day about the importance of staying active and healthy.  He is a wonderful role model!



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