A Clean Lunch

As ya’ll know, I like to use Mondays to prepare for the week ahead.  This is in general and when it comes to food and meals.  This week is a bit odd, as we are just finishing up with Passover and then heading out of town.  I bought a few fresh ingredients at the grocery store this morning and was planning on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch this week.  Except, that I found this interesting recipe in my Clean Eating Magazine last night.

Luckily, we have some cooked chicken breasts that the BOY made last night and I had most of the other ingredients as well.  I picked up some apple cider vinegar at the store today, substituted dried cherries for the grapes (which were outrageously priced) and decided to give it try.  I made a slightly larger salad thinking that I could take half for lunch tomorrow.  Way more exciting than PB&J!

I combined the first ingredients and then mixed the ‘dressing’ in a separate bowl.  I had a little trouble stirring up the fresh ground almond butter (which I was worried might happen), so I nuked it for 10 seconds and everything blended smoothly.

I poured the almond butter mixture over my chicken, tossed to coat, and ta-da…in under 10 minutes I had a delicious and super healthy clean lunch.  I guess I should tell you that I subbed in a touch of agave instead of maple syrup since I had maple syrup this morning in my breakfast.

I paired my lunch with a leftover grilled sweet potato and packed half up to take to work tomorrow.

Bu-Bye boring lunches!

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