Happy Easter!

Good Morning Friends!

I love this kind of Sunday!!!

…the kind where I don’t set an alarm and sleep in to 9:00 AM

…the kind where all the classes at the gym are cancelled, so I am not rushing off to a spin class

…the kind where I start my morning with a new Chai tea (a gift from a friend)

…the kind of morning where Emmy will sit and stare outside for hours

…the kind of morning where I have time to prepare the BOY and I a fabulous brunch of MATZAH KUGEL (okay so maybe our brunch options are not so fabulous and exciting).

…the kind of morning where the BOY actually suggests that we take a walk!

A quiet day, usually spend with friends and family, while the sun is shining…LOVE IT!

I finished my brunch and I am heading out for a bike ride.  Matzah Kugel  is a great idea for the end of Passover when you have lots of matzah left.  I used half whole wheat and half plain.  I am not even sure this dish is meant to be a brunch, but I got it in my head that we would be having it for Easter brunch and so we did.  Check out the full recipe HERE and thanks to Cooking Light for all the creative Passover recipes!

The boy added some extra salt and cheese to his breakfast!

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