A Busy Monday Morning

IMG_1143 IMG_1142 


I can’t believe that yesterday we were outside at the White Sox game and this morning I woke up to this…YUCK!




I thought it was supposed to be spring time!  I was up early this morning and headed straight into the kitchen.  I enjoyed a bowl of overnight oats (made with chopped apple) and an Awake Tea.


IMG_1168 IMG_1167


I quickly got started on my Passover ‘baking’.  Last year was the first year that I attempted to make some Kosher for Passover goodies that didn’t come out of a box.  It was a challenge baking without flour, yeast, etc, but I found some new recipes to add to my book.  This year, I searched for even more recipes.  Since I was in charge of dessert for tonight’s seder at my parents, I had a lot of kitchen time ahead of me.  I started the simplest recipe, a Date and Almond Truffle that I found in Cooking Light.


I bought dates and blanched slivered almonds from the bulk bins at Whole Foods.  I put all the ingredients in my 7 cup food processor and pulsed for about 30 seconds.


IMG_1147 IMG_1150

IMG_1151 IMG_1152


I scrapped the sides and pulsed for another minute before everything started to mix well and form a thicker mixture.


IMG_1153 IMG_1154


I formed the dough into balls and rolled them into the coconut.  I decided to try toast my coconut, but left it in for too long.  The color was a little darker, but it still tasted good.  As someone who doesn’t love coconut, I was surprised at how good it tasted…it reminded me of Samoa girl scout cookies.  Yum!  These are so good that I will definitely make them again!  And I won’t be waiting until next Passover.











I finished my first of many desserts and I am off to the gym.  With two weeks before my cruise, I have a session scheduled with my trainer (she’ll be happy that I have some homemade treats to share).  Then it is back to the kitchen for some Fudge Cake and Macaroon Fruit Compote. 


Stay tuned for more Passover recipes to come…

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