Cold Morning Cycle

So I was feeling guilty about not going to run club yesterday, so despite the chilly weather, I got up early and packed up my bike for 8AM cycle club.  For the record, I did get to the gym yesterday and logged some running miles on the treadmill with the BOY next to me.  Yes, that’s right the BOY went to the gym and for the first time in his life used a treadmill.  He seemed to enjoy playing some basketball and definitely worked up a sweat.

Now back to cycle club, so I showed up because I was feeling guilty AND because I was excited to take my new bike out for a ride.  I just purchased my first road bike from a friend and I am so excited to get riding.  But cycle club was CANCELLED because of cold weather.  There were three of us who didn’t get the message and we decided to brave the wind and go out for ride. 

This was my second time out on the bike.  As someone who has been riding a ‘fitness’ hybrid, it is definitely a change.  I now ride in a more aerodynamic position and I have clip-in pedals (ironically called clip-less pedals).  Of all of these differences, the hardest adjustment for me is the narrow tire.  You should see how slow I turn for fear of falling.  I felt much more comfortable on the bike today.  Even with the wind, I was able to keep up and stay upright.

Together we rode about 10 miles against some strong wind and cool temperatures.  On our way back to the gym, we decided to stop at Starbucks for a well-deserved latte.  The only trouble was that I forgot about my pedals and almost fell over in front of Starbucks.  We pulled our bikes into the store and enjoyed a latte and good conversation.  This was my first group ride (although there were only 3 of us) and I was prepared to do 25 miles.  However, 12 chilly miles and a warm latte was even better!

Check out my new ride!

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