Loving My Morning Oats

I have been loving the Overnight Oats this week.  I picked up some chia seeds and made the original version and a pumpkin flavored version.  They are easy to eat on my way to work and definitely keep me full until lunch.

This morning, I passed on the run club. I know, I was so excited to get back, but the idea of running an hour in the rain just doesn’t do it for me.  I love to run and will run in a lot of conditions, but the feeling of wet socks and shoes and your clothes sticking to your body.  Yuck!  The sad thing is that I will have to go to the gym and workout indoors (boo rainy April weather).  The interesting thing is that the BOY has expressed interest in coming with me…hmmm…we shall see.  He usually skips breakfast, but he did have 2 Quaker granola bars for ‘energy’.

Since I had the time, I was excited to start my morning with another batch of Scottish Oats.  I used the recipe I made last Saturday, but with some modifications.  For starters, I didn’t have a soft banana.  I did have an apple  though and instead of Cinnamon, I used a fabulous Apple Pie Spice.  I decided nix the first step of grinding my Irish oats into Scottish oats because I wasn’t sure if it made a difference.  This was a mistake. It definitely makes a difference!  This morning’s oats were tasty, but I think the added banana makes a huge difference in texture.  Also, the oats took longer to cook and I had a few chewy ones (because I didn’t process them beforehand).  Next time, I will definitely pull out the mini food processor.

I am hoping for a little more sunshine tomorrow so that I can take my NEW bike out with the cycle club!  I’m off to the gym…alone or with a workout buddy???  I still don’t know!

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