Overnight Oats

I have been looking through some other popular blog sites for fun ideas.  It still amazes me that some of these sites get 80-100 comments a day.  Crazy!  Anyways, I came across something called overnight oats and I knew I needed to give them a try.  I love oatmeal!  It is so filling,  but as the weather gets warmer I don’t always want a hot breakfast in the morning.  Overnight oats require a little preparation (hence the name) but they are super easy to make and then ready for you when you wake up.  Everyone does things a little different, but this is the recipe I made last night.


Overnight Oats (basic recipe adapted by me)

1/2 cup raw oats

1 cup Almond milk (or any other milk).  You can also use half cup milk and half cup water.

~2 Tbsp Chia seeds or Flax

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 mashed banana

-Mash your banana in a separate bowl.

-Mix the other ingredients into a breakfast bowl.  Stir in the banana.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.

-Wake up and eat your breakfast!

This is what everything looks like the night before

Good Morning Oats!

I am ready to try them…

But first, I add the other 1/2 banana.

The texture of the oats is not at all what I expected…it’s smoother and creamier.  The taste is fabulous…I see why everyone is blogging about them!  It was a yummy breakfast and something I can’t wait to make again.  Especially for the mornings when I eat breakfast after the gym on my way to work.  I am also ready to explore with some add-ins.  Most of the oat recipes that I have seen include Chia Seeds, but I am all out.  Planning to pick some up today at the Whole Foods.  I also have seen many of the bloggers add peanut butter on top for some added protein.

Check out these websites for TONS of other great overnight oat recipes and adorable parfaits.  They will definitely get your excited about breakfast and inspired to spruce up your morning bowl of oatmeal!  I am off to the pool!

Kath Eats Tribute to Oatmeal

Oh She Glows

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