What Do You Get?

When you mix whole wheat pasta…

With sautéed garlic spinach….

Some grilled mushrooms and scallops…

With a splash of olive oil and a dash of parmesan?

My pre-race dinner!

Back in the day when I lived in Evanston, I LOVED going to Dave’s Italian Kitchen for pasta.  I’ve always liked pasta, but never really loved it.  I don’t crave it like other people I know and usually only eat it a few times a year.  When I lived alone, I didn’t even have any in the house.  But before a race, I truly enjoy a bowl of whole wheat pasta.  At Dave’s, I used to create this shrimp and scallop dish with Aglio Olio and added spinach. It was phenomenal!  Almost as good as their chocolate mousse!  Now that Evanston is a hike, I make my own pre-race pasta dinner.  Since today was the first real warm day of the spring, the BOY was in full-on grill mood.  So he grilled the scallops and mushrooms and I made my pasta.  All I can say is DELISH!!!  I don’t know if it’s because I forgot how good grilled seafood is or if I am just getting better with my seasonings in the kitchen, but tonight’s pasta was the best I’ve ever made!

Now, if only I had some chocolate mousse for dessert?!

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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