Race Day Prep

Good Morning!!!  The benefit of pre-race day, is that I get to sleep in a little and do a light workout.  This gives me time to make a fun new breakfast…

I have to start by thanking Chelsey for this amazing breakfast recipe.  I made her whipped banana Scottish oats this morning and they are FABULOUS!  I have no idea what makes it Scottish, but who cares!  The BOY took the last pear to work, so I used apple instead.  I had a little trouble grinding my oats…my mini food processor started to smell like smoke before the oat texture changed, but that’s okay.  This delicious and filling breakfast was perfect on this gloomy morning.  You HAVE to try it!!!

I ate my oatmeal with a TAZO Chai latte.  I used my Chai tea with water, 1/4 cup of milk, and a dash of agave.  Awake lattes are my favorite Starbucks drink, and although I don’t have any sugar-free vanilla syrup at home, this is a close second (with a lot less calories).


Now I have the energy to figure out how to get myself downtown tomorrow for this 40,000 person 8K run in Grant Park!  It is supposed be 70 degrees!  How Crazy!

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