Everyone’s Irish on St. Patty’s Day

As I was getting ready this morning at the gym, it was interesting to look around and see who was wearing green.  All the teachers definitely had on some green, mostly tops and most of the corporate-types were still in their black suits.  I (along with most of my staff) wore green.  I even wore my St. Patty’s Day socks.  Did you even know they existed?  I have two pairs actually (one I wore yesterday).  What makes today super fun is that the majority of our kids were dressed head to two in crazy shades of green…even the babies!

In honor of the day, I made a Brown Irish Soda Bread from Cooking Light. It has an interesting list of ingredients, including wheat germ, giving it a hearty texture.  See the full recipe HERE!

As always, the first step is the dry ingredients.  I measured the flour and added the steel-cut oats followed by the rest of the dry ingredients.

Then combine the wet ingredients.  The buttermilk looks interesting, especially when mixed with the egg.

Combine your wet and dry ingredients until just combined.  Since I was making breads to give to friends and family, I used my two smaller bread pans.  I had some extra dough (I will be out looking for new ones this weekend), so I added some light colored raisins.  I used the extra to make mini muffins and I tried to use my new leaf pan.

I baked the bread for about 45 minutes.  The muffins were  a little less time.  Check out how cute everything looks…except for the leaf that is.  More Pam next time I think!

The muffins turned out a little dry but the bread is hearty and tasty!  Especially with the raisins.  Delish!  And definitely a healthier version.  The bread is so easy, so go make some today (or tomorrow)!  It doesn’t have to be St. Patty’s Day to enjoy this bread with soup or a homemade jam.

I also made a traditional Irish Soda Bread to bring to work today.  This recipe happens to be dusted with cinnamon and sugar and the raisins are soaked in boiling water ahead of time which makes them really sweet and wonderful!  I hope you all had a little GREEN in your day today!

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