I have been having a tough time finding my exercise motivation lately. I am not sure if it is the time of year, the crummy weather or the fact that it took me over 2 weeks to get my energy back after an annoying virus.  My number one reason when it comes to exercising is to feel good and stay healthy.  Exercise helps keeps me energized and reminds me that although I may be critical of my "apple-shaped" body, I am strong and powerful.  Plus, I have really good cholesterol levels.  That being said, there are still times when that second serving of ice cream beats out my desire for clear arteries.  Lately, there have been more second servings of ice cream and fewer killer spin classes.

After being sick, it has taken me a little time to get back into my groove.  Of course, I tried to jump back into things with a 6 mile outdoor run with the Run Club to get my workout ‘MOJO’ going.  Needless to say, I was pretty sore.  I do have an upcoming race, the 8K Shamrock Shuffle in 1 month in which I am hoping to run 8 minute miles. I am also signed up for one triathlon this summer.  My mom and I will be participating in the TREK woman’s sprint triathlon in Pleasant Prarie Wisconsin.  This is her first tri, and I am looking forward to sharing this experience with her.  BUT just in case these goals aren’t enough to get me off my couch…the BOY and I have finally booked a VACATION!!!!  We are going on a 7 day cruise to random Caribbean Islands and Central American countries.  This means that in about 7 weeks this pale and recently unmotivated girl will be in a bathing suit.  Now you women have to agree, THAT is MOTIVATION!

So as I am sure you could guess, I was up early this morning trying out my new jump rope at the gym and Run Club this Saturday is hill repeats.  Although they are brutal, I will be there!



A picture from my last cruise for some extra motivation!

4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Jen-

    I love this! I can use the motivation right now so I do appreciate this post! Look forward to reading more!
    P.S. I got your message from Kelley about the almond flavor champaign…I must go to TJ’s now! : )

    • Meredith,
      It was great to have you in Chicago!!! I just bought the almond champaign on my way home from work tonight. Can’t wait to try it. Hope to see you again soon!
      Thanks for checking out my site!

  2. AWESOME LADY! I will learn to swim, I will learn to swim, I will learn to swim! argggh… sigh… repeat.. I will learn to swim!

    can’t wait, you motivate ME too!

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