Valentine’s Sweets

Peanut butter and chocolate…what a fabulous couple to get together on Valentine’s Day!



This recipe begins with this fun Peanut Butter & Co chocolate peanut butter.  I was worried about being able to find it.  They carried this flavor at the Whole Foods AND the Super Target (where it was a little cheaper).



These flourless cookies are a super simple to whip up for your Valentine! 

See full recipe HERE and check out other Peanut Butter & Co recipes HERE.


Flourless Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Combine all ingredients except chips and stir well.  Stir in peanut butter chips and scoop onto cooking sheets. 





I am a HUGE fan of these Silpats. They make clean up so easy, and the cookie scoop was a must for the sticky dough.






My peanut butter cookies have never looked so round.




I was so excited about these cookies that I decided I would try again with regular peanut butter and white chocolate.  The dough was much stickier this time, but the cookies looked good. 

IMG_0587 IMG_0589

Unfortunately, they crumbled quickly and tasted too dry.  I tried freezing them to see if they would stay together, but it didn’t help the taste. 




It was sad to see them go, but I do have another flourless peanut butter cookie recipe so I was not too disappointed. Plus, I plan on making the chocolate peanut butter cookies again!


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Sweets

  1. Ahh!
    I didn’t take pictures and measure that it out…
    BUT, combine this fabulous PB, PB and Choc chips, and sweet condensed milk in a pot and stir. So easy and absolutely amazing!!!

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