Weekend Wrap Up





A beautiful weekend in downtown Chicago complete with shopping, delicious food, large drinks, and a trip to the art institute. I couldn’t ask for a better way to start the new year.









I worked hard this week, getting to the gym every day, trying new classes (Zumba and fitness pilates), getting back into the pool for some swimming after a long hiatus, and attending my favorite yoga teacher’s Wednesday night class.  I also took some time to relax and remember that starting my day with tea and a good book can be just as rewarding.  Typically, I work a ten-hour day, with an added commute, and a trip to the gym at least 2xweek.  During the week, I feel as if I am always moving, always on the go.  This week off was a nice reminder that slowing down, sleeping in, and relaxing is just as important for my mental and physical health as those sweat sessions at the gym.  The gym will always be there…especially since mine is open 24 hours.  Let’s hope tomorrow is a sunny day like today and I can run outside.  The nature path is looking pretty clear and calling my name!

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