So I figured if I was going to write a blog and one that people would want to read, I should check out what is out there.  There are a lot of inspirational women writing about leading a healthy lifestyle.  I think it’s amazing that as our nation’s obesity rates soar, there are so many people interested in how to lead a balanced life.  I have a similar history to many of the popular bloggers and currently, I strive to live my life to the fullest while incorporating satisfying healthy foods with exercise and yoga/meditation.


I like to challenge myself to try new foods (this summer it was squash…acorn, butternut, etc.) and share my new found recipes with family and friends.  I also love to bake, finding unique and difficult recipes to try.  I also love all the gadgets that come with life in the kitchen.  I can’t get enough of Sur La Table and Crate and Barrel!  I have been running since 6th grade.  It is my weight management and stress relief.  Last year, I bought a my first bike since 6th grade and I have truly enjoyed the benefits of cross training.


With all that being said, I feel that I need to say that I am by no means an expert on nutrition and not a running or endurance coach (although I do know a thing our two about exercise).  My goal, like many other healthy living bloggers, is just to share my insight, recipes, and accomplishments with you and inspire you to ‘Do what you luv and luv what you do!”


What a fun surprise.  I subscribed to Clean Eating Magazine and got a brand-new cookbook in the mail today.  Looking forward to getting back into the kitchen tomorrow.



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