CSA Week 1 Wrap Up

These are the goodies that I got in my CSA this week.  See full list HERE.



I am sharing the produce with my mom and our friend.  My mom took the fruits (strawberries and rhubarb) to make this fabulous compote.


I requested these beautiful vegetables.  One reason…to try another something NEW.  My mom had read that we can cut up these Hakurei Turnips and eat them raw.  So we tried it…


It kind of tastes like a radish, but a little bit sweeter.  I used the rest of the turnips on the grill.  I sliced them up, covered them with fresh lemon juice, and lemon garlic.  They tasted interesting…I could probably use less lemon next time and more garlic!  But, I would definitely try grilled turnips again.

IMG_2457   IMG_2463   IMG_2464

I also grilled up my asparagus with one of my favorite seasonings, Old Taylor Street Cheese Sprinkle.  The fresh asparagus was DELICIOUS, some of the best I have ever had!

IMG_2449     IMG_2456    IMG_2466

I was a little nervous about being able to use all of the fresh lettuce, so I pulled out the salad spinner.  I love using it, but it takes more time.  I rinsed, drained, and dried both of the lettuces.

          IMG_2412     IMG_2410     IMG_2411

IMG_2414   IMG_2415   IMG_2416

Check out this gorgeous salad!  I was so excited to bring it to work this week!


















I can’t wait for week 2!

See this week’s list HERE!

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3 thoughts on “CSA Week 1 Wrap Up

  1. The salad spinner is definitely a fixture in my house during lettuce season! I’ll have to try grilling the turnips. I never really know what to do with them.

    • Me either! I am new to turnips as well! Go heavy on the garlic and spices and let me know how they turn out!
      I saw some neat raw carrot and turnip salads online. I”m looking forward to experimenting with everything this summer.

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