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Hard Core!!! June 12, 2011

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It’s 11:00AM and I have already had a ‘Hard Core’ day!  I know you are asking yourself, what goes into a ‘Hard Core’ day?  Well let me tell you…

Packing up your workout gear the night before (and then heading to bed at 9:30)


Waking up (almost) before the sun and enjoying a Dough Boy Smoothie with extra banana and a glob of PB


Driving 30 minutes to meet the ‘Cycle Club’

(Look there are already riders out…they must be really Hard Core)


Getting lost along the way and finding yourself at a Lake (instead of a high school)


Can you see the deer?  She ran by the time I got my camera!


Biking 20 miles with some nice hills along the way


Then changing into running shoes


For a 30 minute run around the track


Therefore, completing the first BRICK workout of the season!!!


After a challenging workout, there’s really only one stop to make…


For a well-deserved Iced Skinny Latte


Although I added one more stop…the organic market for some fresh produce!

IMG_6918  IMG_6919  IMG_6921

Impressed with all that I had accomplished before 11:00AM, I showered and changed into my new T-shirt that just arrived in the mail this week.


With my ‘Hard Core’ morning behind me, I’m off

to enjoy this gorgeous Sunday!

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5 Responses to “Hard Core!!!”

  1. OMG woman! You are an inspiration. I barely managed to make it to the gym this morning for my workout :-P

  2. I think those shirts are so cute! I think I need one that says “eat more spinach!”

  3. [...] morning began very similar to last Sunday (I thought about calling this post HARD CORE Part II).  I woke up super early, grabbed my bike [...]

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